A Letter From the Creator

By Tim Scott Poma

I am invisible with out all you
I can only be seen in all the good deeds you do
Some people call me Buddha, some the lion of Judah
Others prefer Jesus and some still like Mohamed
I can’t seem to get away from being called Jah
But if you really knew who I was you would drop your jaw
However I still would prefer to be called love
Or better yet compassion because I work for purity of a spring dove

I am everything
And every one
I am more you
Then you are more me
Then you can even imagine or care to believe
But I assure you this your roots all stem from the same tree

You are all from the same place
Your true start has been erased
And your colors change bases on your home base
But I assure you
My creative hand had
To show you more beauty then just one face
Diversity is only skin deep
The informality lies right underneath
And it never skips a beat

Regardless of what you think
Or what you believe
I am simple as these lines
And complex as the twisted ivy vines
No lines can ever define the undifinable
You’re to far away now to see this clear
But here I am still whispering in your ear

You are never alone
And no matter where you are you are always at home
I am always with you
Because you are always with me
And when we work together
There is nothing that we can’t defeat
For you tongue is tied by my sheets
And my sheet music makes you feel more complete
I send poets and musicians all the same
To help you understand the intention and purpose of the game

But some of you get to serious
And play for keeps
Forgetting that what goes around comes around
When you speak
So hold your tong and listen to me
Humble your heart
And come with me

I only come around so often
But we will soon see again
I leave you not a gift
Just this message and
A promise of a kiss

Love the Creator


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