Awake, Awake

Awake Awake

By Tim S Poma

The mind is where I built my castles made of sand
And now the waves have come to claim this here man
No way to get away from this current rip tide
So instead I will smile and will go along for the ride
With my heart on my sleeve my love I will not hide.
For love, for love
The immaculate flight of the phoenix spreads wings like a dove
Burning in the angry and rage of fire dressed in love
We consume a lot of rage looking for ways out of the cage
We only need to turn the page and see we are already saved!
Awake, awake we are on the ocean floor
Awake, awake if you want to live and love and do more.
Awake, awake in this current that is drifting us away
Awake, awake if you got a lot to and even more to say


One Response to “Awake, Awake”

  1. HI Tim,
    I think it is fun to build sand castles and sand scuptures even though they do drift away. But atleast it is fun to be awake and enjoy this kind of entertainment. Please check this out and thanks for allowing my comment.

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