Day Dream

BY Tim S Poma

Day Dream With the stream
No one should tell you what to dream
Let the screams of the dreams
Be the victory of children
For the youth is asleep
As mtv pollutes there vision
I’m standing in a dark cave
Listing to all they say
Making my dream seam so far away
Only wanting
Each and other
To help one and all and the other
There is no race
So take your place
Amongst the wall of flowers
For in the end it will fall like a meteor shower
The forest for the trees
Was born of you and me
Out there for all to see .
But we cut it down cut it down.
And how the earth it shakes and frowns
No one drowning in good deeds
Only people sailing on open sea
Looking for reasons
Those haven’t been discussed
But you know this is the answer and it’s a must
Don’t trust the things you hear on the tv
Close your eyes and listen to me
Coming threw in radio waves
Looking for sensation of heart
And eyes with out fear that will save


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