Fell what I Fear?

By Tim S Poma

We were better together then we ever were apart
It didn’t take long for them to find and rip out our heart
But those people have nothing in there souls
The think that they do but really they have no control
Our beauty is in the air it swims around with out a care
Its never ever left it’s always right there in front of the mirror
Dig down deep while you are dreaming you’re not asleep
And see that this goal; is our prize to reap
It’s The voice of inspiration that singing in your ear
The voice of liberation is ringing loud and clear
But our hesitation is all I can seem to see or hear
The voice of reason keeps on reflecting in the mirror
The voice of resistance is still yelling at us loud and clear
And when I go to start all I can feel is a false sense of fear
Can anybody fell what I fear?


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