A Note to the Debt Collector

By Tim S Poma

I’m not afraid of getting sued,
For you can, beat me, brake me,
But I won’t come unglued.
I would love to help you out as I would myself,
But I can’t manage to acquire any wealth.
So pleas pardon this extraneous debt,
For it has gone long past notice,
And I still don’t have any money left.
Breaking my back for 50 cents,
Barley enough to pay the rent,
Because as it comes in it’s already spent.
If I could make a million and Five,
I would pay you right now this is not a lie.
But go ahead and try to suck blood from a rock,
You would probably get more if you sucked on my….

Never mind

I’m sure by now you can guess that I make less,
Then what it takes to be less stressed,
And I surly don’t make enough to go out for a stake
This could be a mistake but I’m pretty sure I’m broke
Barely enough money left to hang my self with this rope.
I know you call at all hours of the night and day
In blatant disregard as to what I already have to say
I already told you I’ve got no money to give
So why must you insist on continuing to calling kid?
once your attorneys find that I have not one red cent
I’m sure your time and money will be well spent
You can continue to degrade my credit
You can continue to hack away at my score
But you won’t affect me
Because these thing just don’t bother me any more


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