Burn For Today

By Tim S Poma

Give me your brutally beautiful art
Or I will strip you down to one heart
Ill touch you in the place where we let out loves spark
It will be dark, because it’s hiding under brush like a meadow lark
Find the forgiveness you need to find my key hole
Plug your heart in and let my love take hold
My hand its big like the waves with in the sea
But if you can’t grasp that, your no bigger then infinity
Because you’re light it shines out like the diamonds in the ruff
Look to you heart and make yourself erupt
Spiritual battle is all we ever play
In this game we all dressed to kill in this masquerade
But in true love we just one parade
And it’s not sponsored by Macys for there floats will always fade
In love of life that we call a shared
We even dressed like a lion so calm and tame
Except for when they take his love away
And then we will rip threw the clouds and red tape of decay
And let our diamonds like hearts shine for tomorrow and burn for today


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