Denied Divinity

By Tim S Poma

Sadness fills my once fruitful eyes
As my loved ones deny, deny, deny
All the truth of life and accept only lies.
And my heart it breaks and my tears how they fly
Mirror the answers that lie with in,
And these stories are not fake or pretend
Be a man or be a woman
But take your fist and
And shake your wrist
For in your heart you have suppressed how pissed
so Dance, dance where ever you may lie
Dance, dance shakes those tears from your eyes
And lets over come this struggle and sympathies
Reality lies right inside your eyes
So turn off the TV and empathize
Close that bible and close that Koran
Let all rise together for the son of man!

He’s in your heart and she’s in your seed
He is the justification of you and me
Turn to you daughter and turn to your son
See together that they are the same someone
Have some faith in humanity
For when we bind together
We plant a great seed
Its up held in the for of unity
And its been placed here for you and me


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