For Everything

By Tim S Poma

Sitting by the lights of the fire is where I would like to be
A burning ball of love and warmth and hot energy
A simple reminder of our first embrace you were hot
And I had a thing for your spicy and all that you had brought.
How can we replace these cold stars with something else?
Instead of 14 course meals enough to feed the common wealth
Its time to rise is time to shine and start this spark
For I have spent enough time in this ice cold park
There is no warmth here because I can’t find enough heart
Instead we rely on the thin black lines hanging on a pie chart
Another statistic in a schematic is what I have found
They tell you how to live what to think and when to drown
There time it’s coming the sun is shining and it all works out
With out a doubt in my mind the people of the sun can figure this out
Lets replace the cold face of the earth in which we live
With a new light of the heart and the oxygen to forgive
No righteousness will do ever to get us threw these lines
Humble self, and see the cage is only in our mines
Because time can’t be told in less we see the lights of the divine
Like a branch out on a limb I’m ready to begin to unravel this twine
Make up your mind fight for your religion or your self or everything else
Things like the birds and the bees and the great old trees
Things like love, compassion and all the hungry being


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