In love with me in love with you

By Tim S Poma

The mind she is feeble
Like the unstable steps on the way to the steeple
His people they don’t divide they are all equal
Do not dived or try and multiply
Just reach your hands out and aim for the sky
Say a prayer and do not despair
For I will release every sorrow and care
As I’m filled with this air
I can feel truth or dare
And I know you don’t care
And that’s why you stair
At the stars before you go up
To think about how much love you gave that we let get away
For when we got here we forgot the words to say
That I’m so sorry for letting down our stride
But pick me up and will go for a ride
The light she coming back but only really fast
So sit back and watch your self fall at last
Dream, dream of beauty and not of death
See that, that is the only choice that is left
Bow your heads and pray to love
And see our existence really does
Exist in an alternant universe
So say the lines that now seam so rehearsed
………… I LOVE YOU I always have and I always do
So pray with me in love with you


One Response to “In love with me in love with you”

  1. can you tell me what is love plese . and how we can love with girls . i dont know plese tell me plese.

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