Junipers seen

By Tim S Poma

Lying under the beauty of the juniper tree
I get pollen in my eyes till in my vision I can not see
So I lied dusted and discussed of all that was heard and said
While I left my heart open for victories of the undead
You words they eco so deep in side of my skull
It almost as if you have total control
But I won’t give you any more because you don’t deserve
Anymore heart or lip service would be absurd
If you want what you got coming you’ll have to come to me
Because I can take anymore of your lack of sanity
The way you flip and flop is just like a fish
As you tell me something sacred and then destroy it with a wish
There is no need for anger in the company of strangers
As we all sit around with our toes at the edge of cliff like hangers
And how I hate the unknowing it always cracks me up
And when I feel it I’m like a volcano about to erupt
If you said there is nothing then that would be some thing
But you refuse to tell me because you’re still thinking
Even though you know you will never make up your mind
So instead I guess you’re just wasting all of my time
I refuse to be abused not for one more day
I will no longer be a slave of your pain of yesterday
There is only one thing that I have left to say
That is I hope in time that you can find a path that won’t lead you a stray
One that won’t deceive you or control what you say
For the vision of love is not a thing of past today
It is only a reflection of things you would like to say
For in the distance is a past that holds you hostage today
And until you let it go it will forever lead you away
So until that time comes I have got to run
For in my vision is only more pain to come
As you sit and sulk about the water that you drink
Instead of listening to the streams that allow us to think
You just flow up a rock road 10 miles in the wrong direction
On a mounting of a mole hill there is no need for fabrication
As you lie to yourself and make a new declaration
One where you won’t get hurt and there always will be love
But in less you are willing there will never be any of the above
As I finally awake I start to see that I was never even close to the juniper tree
Just distracted by a flower that hung in side of me
Like a heart that I painted blue black and green
As we all waited for the change of the seen


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