Separation Hesitation

By Tim S Poma

As my heavy eyes close
The sky parts in the east and west
As my mental mentality is put to the test
I lay all my old thoughts to rest
As I venture on a new vision is my quest
While the fire inside still burns in my chest
I tip toe in to the shoes of the creator
As I step out of realities man made crater
For these men in garb are the soul takers
But they forget my eyes are the light makers
Shall we now journey to the center of our mind?
Hold our head up high and reach for the sky
Or shall we only believe that this reality is all we need
In deed a convincing conversation that would cause no hesitation
As we make way and segway for the healing of the nation
For its time for a mind shift and a mental migration
And love to become the reason for this separation


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