Subject of Wealth

By Tim S Poma

I’m wealthier then I have ever been
I’ve got no since but I have this pen
I’ve got a job and it pays
But not enough to keep the bill collectors at bay

So I slave, I slave, I slave away
Each and every every every day

Our wealth is worth more
Than any item you’ll find in the store
So let them take your possessions away
For our soul and the light of love are here to stay

If you looking for this love of which I speak
Put your ear to the speaker and listen to my speech
No matter what the wicked man may do
We own the truth of light and love and it will shine threw

So keep slaving slaving slaving away away
For our love brightens each and every day!

I’m more wealthy than you will know
I’ve got not a single glitz of gold
But when I shine I will show
I don’t have a dollar or a cent and the moneys all spent
I’m richer than the richest man
For his riches he can only hold in his hand
But mine lay deep as if its been asleep
I’m my heart that will always beet


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