Missing Beauty

Photo By Tim S Poma
Photo and Poem By Tim Scott Poma

Time it slowly tiptoes away
As the flowers in the garden stay at bay
Growing more beautiful each and every sun shinny day
As the colors in the fields erupt in such a beautiful array

With each passing moment the flowers they stand
They reach to the sky with their beautiful petal-like hands
Not begging anything, only hoping to catch a passing glance
She goes on walking by not noticing the flower amongst the plants

Swiftly she walks pass all the flowers tucked amongst the grass
She is not distracted by the flower or beauty as she walks on pass
So she continually marches on with time tiptoeing away
Not listening to anything that the beautiful flowers have to say

Distracted by the manifestation of material today
She walks with her head in a clouded stunned by an array of gray
As she tramples over and around all the beauty along the way
The flowers only hope she will notice before it is there final day


One Response to “Missing Beauty”

  1. Byrdsflight Says:

    Love this…..xoxo

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