This Train

photo By Tim Scott Poma Photography

Photo and Poem By Tim Scott Poma

They say I’m looking dapper
But I really feel depressed
Is there possibly anything
That will take this weight from my chest
They say honesty will always set you free
And that is why I constantly
Discus and debate all the things I hate
For in reality I am only what I make
That is why I say so solemnly
What have I done?
I worked so hard for other
And let my self become
Just another sheep walking around
With my ears and eyes only staring at the ground
But I say its time to turn it all around
Make a run for the hills and join back up with the crowd
Where were all together and we all scream real loud
Where were all together our love is more safe and sound
Then it could ever be when we were apart
Then it ever was when we saved it in our hearts
For this dapper feeling that’s got me feeling depressed
is nothing more then lack of love and a little bit of stress
So to this I detest any other random words
For the only thing I want to hear makes me feel absurd
And slightly mistaken for a little bit perturbed
Just say that you love me and there will be no more pain
Just say that you love me and we can still make the train
But when you don’t speak its my emotions that you drain
And that’s when I realize I don’t want to go it alone on this train


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