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All Right

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Tim S Poma and Jeff Walker

Its all going to be all right
No need for us to arm a fight
For we can burn them down with the love of life
When we get up in the morning and love this life

We won’t let them ever stand up in our way
We have to constantly out think there every play
They want us to fight that’s what they all say
But id rather wraps my arms around the light of day

For it’s Carpe diem when we dancing in the light
There is never darkness when your heart shines bright
So we link together and stand for what is right
For they are afraid of our loves contiguous bite

Because it is once bitten twice afraid
Of this potent touch that we will display
We finally drop this mask in this masquerade
And we march around with this love on parade

For every little thing going to be all right
That’s why the creator created love tonight
So we can all shine on and illuminate so bright
As we all ignite together in the consciousness of life


Why Is It So Hard To Forgive

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By Tim Scott Poma

Why is it so hard to forgive?
Is it because it’s even harder to live,
With all the hatred and anger we kept with in?
So conflicted with my corrupted thoughts.
Always remembering what I should have forgot.
As my resentment becomes my new plot,
I’m Stuck in the past a time that didn’t last.
For this reason my bitterness has surpassed,
All the actions that have now gone and passed,
And out lived any thoughts of forgiveness.
For lost in my hardness was my obtuseness,
Only to be compounded with my own unhappiness.
It was difference of opinion that leads us astray,
A difference of perception is why we walked away.
Still trying to get back before our actions of yesterday,
As I cling to this indignation and difference of opinion.
I have now become this slave, a hopeless minion,
And see that lack of forgiveness is now my addiction.
Jagged and piercing my eyes became with this glare,
As I held my intangible hostility in my lifeless stare,
For reasons that make my faded vision unclear.
As I wallow in self pity and blame everyone and thing else
I see that this lack of forgiveness has become my wealth
And the reason I can’t forgive is I can’t forgive my self.