Why Is It So Hard To Forgive

By Tim Scott Poma

Why is it so hard to forgive?
Is it because it’s even harder to live,
With all the hatred and anger we kept with in?
So conflicted with my corrupted thoughts.
Always remembering what I should have forgot.
As my resentment becomes my new plot,
I’m Stuck in the past a time that didn’t last.
For this reason my bitterness has surpassed,
All the actions that have now gone and passed,
And out lived any thoughts of forgiveness.
For lost in my hardness was my obtuseness,
Only to be compounded with my own unhappiness.
It was difference of opinion that leads us astray,
A difference of perception is why we walked away.
Still trying to get back before our actions of yesterday,
As I cling to this indignation and difference of opinion.
I have now become this slave, a hopeless minion,
And see that lack of forgiveness is now my addiction.
Jagged and piercing my eyes became with this glare,
As I held my intangible hostility in my lifeless stare,
For reasons that make my faded vision unclear.
As I wallow in self pity and blame everyone and thing else
I see that this lack of forgiveness has become my wealth
And the reason I can’t forgive is I can’t forgive my self.


7 Responses to “Why Is It So Hard To Forgive”

  1. Tim! Thank you for you posting this. This is something I have been going through for quite a while, and yet havent been able to forgive myself. 🙂 Its like youre preaching to my choir! Long story, some day I will share it with you 🙂 Thank you for being you. ❤

    • em…. thank you for reading! we all have a problem with forgiving at times and i truly believe that forgiveness starts with self… keep your head up girl you can do it! !!!!

  2. BlondeBomb Says:

    This is deep or deeper than deep, I feel lost like a stray sheep, my emotions are about to seep, no ability to with hold or keep, Thank you for sharing with your peeps

    • Dearest blond bomb… thank you for stopping by….. im glad that you found this post to be favorable and that it inspired you to bust a rhyme right there on the spot!! you know what else is deeper then deeper then deep? chevy or so they say.

  3. I like the line “Always remembering what I should have forgot.” Reminds me of this jam I play with my homey the lines go “I’ll play it slow so you can hear, the days months and years, are still there to haunt me. Prying memories alive that have been asleep. Wishing away what I once wanted to keep”

    • Dude bucket….. that is a sicky my friend you are quite the lyricist! sick song id like to hear the whole thing some time! thanks for reading my brother! much love and many blessings friend!

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