Celestial Illumination

By Tim S Poma and Jeff Walker

The sky it gently opens making waves of silver and blue,
Patiently painting pretty pictures of the true me and you.
Self Reflections of the day can sometimes lead us astray,
As we lose our self’s amongst the clouds painted gray.
Not seeing for an instant that the sun is still blazing,
We let our vision of self become far less amazing.
Lost in our wallets confused with wants and desire,
Caught up in clothes and things we need not admire.
As we turned our backs on this love it slowly expires,
But deep down we all yearn for something much higher.
The passion of love, truth and our eternal burning fire,
Now Silence your mind and hear the angel’s choir.

The angels of antiquity sing of beauty, grace and divinity,
Softly whispering songs reminding us that we are eternity.
Still lost in vanity, confounded with societies truth of reality,
We Miss directed there intentions and fall victim to our insanity.
Turning our love, and love of self into a psychosomatic calamity,
Forgiveness of self is everyone’s key to see through transparency.
We could all be so much further ahead, but we all are so far behind,
Making it virtually impossible to connect to our spirit, body and mind.
So lets all dig down deep to our roots where knowledge we will find,
About our past existence and the interconnectivity of mankind.
All together our bodies illuminating one celestial being in time,
When we let this truth and light in together our consciousness will shine.


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