Blank Page

Tim S Poma

A blank page lay in front of me
As I gently caress and stroke these keys
My mind comes together on paper for you to see
Torn and tattered just like my thoughts
Even some blank pages there for all I have forgot
My mind is now bound together like a history book
Confused by my own emotions
Sometimes I’m afraid to look
To the depths of my soul
For this mind of mine play tricks low and behold
Some so foul and some so vulgar
I can’t believe I give this mind power
Power to perceive power to believe
But all it gets me is deeper in to trouble you see
Nothing is right and everything is wrong
That’s the tone of my minds song
When my heart she chimes in and says STOP…..
Don’t you remember all the time you have still got
Only hanging on today as if it is the only
That’s why you get twisted when you feel lonely
Time to brighten those blue eyes up
Time to pick up your heart and rise up
Out from under this mantel insalivation
That is painted on your eyes
And scattered across this nation
No need for you to be facing artificial
Fear that you are creating
Only lay in your hope
And when you do you can’t hang
Yourself with your own rope
So wake up wise up today
Don’t let those images
In Your head make you a slave


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