Granting Me Gratitude

By Tim S Poma

As I focus on these gifts I have been given
I find a blessing in disguise called living
A blessing called life so thankful to be alive
And have my friends and family by my side
Blessed with the beauty and power of today
Making us stronger then tomorrow or yesterday
As we have all been blessed again with today
This gift of presence waits to be opened right away

Open this gift to see the world is at our finger tips
And she’s begging us to live life and give her a kiss
Another reason to be thankful blessed with this ability
Granted to you by the great creator and humility
Humble your self and see the world for what it is
See this love and emotions are a blessing and a gift
So thank you for this cornucopia this bounty
Of love, pain, and strife that make up the beauty
Of this fragile world this strong love and this life

If it wasn’t for destruction, pain and suffering
We couldn’t use compassion to become humanity
Silently I turn my head towards the stars and heavens
And thank the creator for this life is truly amazing
Then I recite the greatest thanks we could ever say
Thank you for my being and making me this way
Thank you for the love, I have yet to live and give
What an opportunity to be alive here and now
Now if I could only thank you everyday somehow

Grateful and thankful for such a multitude
As my gratitude extends to the highest altitude
I would love to tell you all, that I love you all
Thank for making my life a blast, a gas and a ball
Thank you for your love, and the love you have shown me
For your patients, your inspiration you have all given to me
Thankful, grateful appreciative, and much obliged
To have this beautiful day to say thank you for my life

Thank you, thank you, for granting me gratitude
Thank you, thank you, for making my dreams come true


2 Responses to “Granting Me Gratitude”

  1. thank you…I really enjoyed this!

  2. felling very grateful for the comment. thank you for the support i am glad you enjoyed it.

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