By Tim S Poma

They say that once you have finally moved past your past,
Your history will replay memories and come right back.
This history will lament and beg for forgiveness to remain,
And tell you a story like, that it’s sorry and it’s to blame.
For the chaos and unhappiness it created within the frame,
But only once you have turned away from what you have abstained.
There history will destroy any determination you created or display,
Into your life again your past history comes to sweep you away.
To start a new and rearrange the progress on your new page,
So out to sea you follow as you let your history lead.
Right back into that circle, an already played out cycle,
The very place you were trying to be free of and flee from.

They say it once bitten and twice shy,
Then why is history always our demise?
What was it that made us leave and flee?
Can’t remember all the pain you have seen?
How quickly we forget and play make-believe.
How easily we can be altered and misconceived.
For all you did was give and give and give,
To the unappreciative and the undeserving.
You dedicate your energy, your heart and mind,
To helping the helpless to help themselves redefine.
What they lost or better yet what they let get away,
In their ignorance and arrogance of their history’s ways.
Remaining forever blind to you, feeling sorry for themselves,
For your history has nothing now because you were its wealth.
You see it was you, it was you, it was you all along,
Carrying the melody of this twisted love song.
You continually sang in love with a broken heart,
As you begged history to participate it refused to start.

So they say history repeats if you’re not paying attention,
And for this reason these words have been for mentioned.
As long as you step back towards this mirage of a fire,
Your illusion will be forever filled with unfilled desires.
Maybe deep down you like the way the pain feels inside,
For its all you have ever seen and you enjoy a good cry.
Many previous roads only lead you back to cycles of pain,
While new ones will elevate the barriers you set in your brain.
You see your history is not sent back into time to free you,
It only holds you down and is put in place to control you.
So Instead of following history and its stale directions, just let go,
redirect desires for change, to be free, to love and to grow.


5 Responses to “History”

  1. This is beautiful. Puts into words what We know to be true, in a comprehensive and indisputable way! ❤

  2. Well said… So there is a dark past… True pain, yet you are brave and lunge forward without fear. Bravo.

  3. Very true… In order to grow we must let go of the past, easier said than done.

    • Oh how very right you are both in our own life and historically speaking if we could all over come our past we would then be free to recreate our destiny. And truly make this world a better place!! Thank you for reading and commenting! Much love and many blessing!

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