What’s in a Word

By Tim Scott Poma
They say Words can heal a nation,
Or destroy worlds without sensation.
As we baked them all in hate and segregation.
Allowed for destruction and alteration,
We accepted facts and got a lower education.
Lost in ideals of economic inflation,
Became Mr. Jones reason for separation.
So we let our aspirations,
Become victims of degradation.
As we let our words run dry no more exclamation.
Yet our hearts still beat without loves hydration,
For no Heart can ever grow without complication,
We must first know stress, struggle and then palpitation.
As words still fall out my mouth out of desperation,
Only to declare there is no more need for hate or hesitation!
When did we let the fear become our foundation?
As depredation of love came without hesitation.
I still say our words can heal a world, a people, a nation
As new loving hearts, bring light to truths for solidification.
We find structure in Devine love and our hearts formation,
Our Hearts and minds still tied in tapes red frustration
But the scissors like words will become cause for ignition
As our affection turns to rhythm and becomes amplification
As our words become the love that heals one world, one people, one nation.


2 Responses to “What’s in a Word”

  1. A great vision, Tim…are you going to continue to post? Your poetry is heartwarming and genuinely sincere. I really enjoy it! This is Val Warda from Ukiah High School (a fellow lover of music and masquerade :)) saw you last at Club Calpella, if you recall…would love to help edit or proofread any of your writing. I also have a blog which hasn’t been posted on in awhile… http://valwarda.blogspot.com/

  2. It’s beautifully blunt, respectfully I wouldn’t classify this specific poem as ‘dark’ as the description reads. In my opinion I believe it’s a matter of whose eyes the words are read thrrough, not who wrote them down.

    Question for the author; not including the other pieces in this book; Have you ever been in love? I get the sense you had felt a mutual connection, but for some reason maybe the other persons’ reality of the situation just wasn’t align with yours or maybe anyone elses’ either. Maybe I’m just wrong and in reality maybe you havent actually given it an honest shot.

    Amazing writing.

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