What’s in A Breath


By Tim S. Poma

I count to ten and take it all in, one long deep breath before our journey begins.
As the breath grows increasingly deep, I pray to love my soul to keep.
I lay back down my head gets lite, as the love envelops me and wraps me up so tight.
My breath of light turns to gold, now swirling in the colors trying to find a definition to hold.
Vibrating and pulsating to frequency’s frequently not frequented.
The color spectrum reflecting like diamonds in rainbows sparkling, swirling and shining
Waving and winding this focused energy unfolds in my eyes, with all the truths to be told.
Behold my breath says, to breath deep, be calm, pay attention as you will find release.
Like a plug in a tub that has just been pulled, here I lay again swiftly speeding through the rabbit hole.
Deep inside the light, the vibration calls me quietly, telling me to hold on to your energy.
But be gracious, and give graciously for this love grows and is contagious exponentially.
More will always come to fill its place, for there is not ever any empty or void space.
More, more, mother may I, I scream! Stuck in a whirlwind in someone else’s dream.
But wait it is mine and it is you and it is ours and only together we make through this part.
Struggle is released as I continue to breathe, light and love all that surrounds me have now become me.
Remembering understanding of voices who sang to us a song, but somehow the lyrics were all to wrong.
What was sang we let define us, we let divide us, and determine our divisiveness
Signing directions where to find their God, our spiritual salvation, but in this breath all I found was odd.
Then I see the energy is in our hands, It’s in my hands and in our hearts,
Take another breath she whispers and know that it is now and this love can start.
Not feeling like myself, feeling like everything, everything, everything else.
Feeling blessed and fortuitous, seeing my future now is not so curious for it has not yet been born
Due to the fact I transmute the energy and light to show me what I want to see, a love yes that is we.
Reluctant I breathe out my last breath reluctant I come back to the land of concert and cement.
But something still remains the way I breathed it in and the imprint of my freshly birthed brain.
No more strain, no more pain, the struggle has been laid to rest,
and all because I found my courage to take one single breath.



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