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By Tim S Poma

They say that once you have finally moved past your past,
Your history will replay memories and come right back.
This history will lament and beg for forgiveness to remain,
And tell you a story like, that it’s sorry and it’s to blame.
For the chaos and unhappiness it created within the frame,
But only once you have turned away from what you have abstained.
There history will destroy any determination you created or display,
Into your life again your past history comes to sweep you away.
To start a new and rearrange the progress on your new page,
So out to sea you follow as you let your history lead.
Right back into that circle, an already played out cycle,
The very place you were trying to be free of and flee from.

They say it once bitten and twice shy,
Then why is history always our demise?
What was it that made us leave and flee?
Can’t remember all the pain you have seen?
How quickly we forget and play make-believe.
How easily we can be altered and misconceived.
For all you did was give and give and give,
To the unappreciative and the undeserving.
You dedicate your energy, your heart and mind,
To helping the helpless to help themselves redefine.
What they lost or better yet what they let get away,
In their ignorance and arrogance of their history’s ways.
Remaining forever blind to you, feeling sorry for themselves,
For your history has nothing now because you were its wealth.
You see it was you, it was you, it was you all along,
Carrying the melody of this twisted love song.
You continually sang in love with a broken heart,
As you begged history to participate it refused to start.

So they say history repeats if you’re not paying attention,
And for this reason these words have been for mentioned.
As long as you step back towards this mirage of a fire,
Your illusion will be forever filled with unfilled desires.
Maybe deep down you like the way the pain feels inside,
For its all you have ever seen and you enjoy a good cry.
Many previous roads only lead you back to cycles of pain,
While new ones will elevate the barriers you set in your brain.
You see your history is not sent back into time to free you,
It only holds you down and is put in place to control you.
So Instead of following history and its stale directions, just let go,
redirect desires for change, to be free, to love and to grow.


Thief in the Night

Posted in Poetry in Motion on November 24, 2011 by heartcomplex

By Tim S Poma

She sneaks in threw cracks in my mind
Go ahead girl take all that you can find
A broken man who is also broke
All he’s got now is his heart and his hope
Now its 4 am and I don’t want to pretend
That I can’t hear you coming in
But that smirk on my face just leads to a grin

Like a thief in the night
She can take what she likes
But none of it is worth a damn
For she already stole
The best part of this man

Threw a broken window she crawls in again
I would surly fix it and board it up today
But you’re already on my mind anyways
So she’s back in threw the out door
She’s back for more and looking to score
Still drunk off my love from the night before
Looking to take what she wants which is more

Like a thief in the night
She can take what she likes
But none of it is worth a damn
For she already stole
The best part of this man

She ran off with my plasma, my camera and my dvd’s
She took my wallet, my watch, and a picture of me
She stole the couch, the curtains and then every thing
She even got the best part of me

Like a thief in the night
She can take what she likes
But none of it is worth a damn
For she already stole
The heart of this man

Blank Page

Posted in Poetry in Motion on November 23, 2011 by heartcomplex

Tim S Poma

A blank page lay in front of me
As I gently caress and stroke these keys
My mind comes together on paper for you to see
Torn and tattered just like my thoughts
Even some blank pages there for all I have forgot
My mind is now bound together like a history book
Confused by my own emotions
Sometimes I’m afraid to look
To the depths of my soul
For this mind of mine play tricks low and behold
Some so foul and some so vulgar
I can’t believe I give this mind power
Power to perceive power to believe
But all it gets me is deeper in to trouble you see
Nothing is right and everything is wrong
That’s the tone of my minds song
When my heart she chimes in and says STOP…..
Don’t you remember all the time you have still got
Only hanging on today as if it is the only
That’s why you get twisted when you feel lonely
Time to brighten those blue eyes up
Time to pick up your heart and rise up
Out from under this mantel insalivation
That is painted on your eyes
And scattered across this nation
No need for you to be facing artificial
Fear that you are creating
Only lay in your hope
And when you do you can’t hang
Yourself with your own rope
So wake up wise up today
Don’t let those images
In Your head make you a slave

Ever Seen

Posted in Poetry in Motion on November 22, 2011 by heartcomplex

By Tim S Poma

Here I am still waiting
For my ship to come in
Patients in handcuffs
Got my minds running thin

For its anchors away
As the sun sets on this wave
Washing away the light
Lost in a daze, artificial maze

I have been slammed and crashed
Upon this white sandy shore
Looking for answers
Love and so much more

She comes to me
Walking on water
Living In my dream
Purest light I have ever, I have seen

She comes to me
Walking on water
Still living in my dream
The most beautiful girl I have ever, I have ever seen

Now its 40 days past
I lie on beaches made of glass
Cutting my ties and my feet
Due to the infinite repeat

As I walk along this shore
I find a bottle like every time before
containing a note that’s tore
And the message from before

She says she on her way back
Detained in currents from yesterday
From another time and place
And reading this puts a smile on my face

She comes to me
Walking on water
Living In my dream
Purest light I have ever, I have seen

She comes to me
Walking on water
Still living in my dream
The most beautiful girl I have ever, I have ever seen

Still waiting like I have before
Waiting for this beauty
To slam upon my shore
Crash down with hopes and dreams

She falls from heaven
With the most beautiful eyes I have seen
Out stretches arms that reach for me
And a love greater then eternity

Strong beautiful and bold
I grab this beauty like I never gona let go
For she comes for me with her ship
As I crawl aboard its time to dip

On the Rise

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By Tim S Poma and Jeff Walker

The morning sun comes out once again
Greeting the mountains as if they were friends
The dew painted valley begins to Shine
As the light flickers threw all the tall pine
The vines in the vineyard begin to glisten
As all the bird all sing stop and listen
Not a care in the world is to be had today
For there is not a cloud in the sky no shade of gray
As the sun soaks in to my once sleepy pours
My reason for being I can now sense more
Giving me that feeling it is great to be alive
For I can now feel this love on the rise

Eyes So Blue

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By Tim S. Poma

As my head hits the pillow I drift to sleep,
Dreaming of you and memories I can keep.
There I find myself dancing with you,
And your beautiful eyes so blue.
As we twirl and twist around and around,
Dizzily my heart it falls to the ground.
Leaving my sleeve totally exposed,
I wait for another kiss from this rose.
Still Dreaming now of what to do and say,
So that in my arms tomorrow you will lay.
For in your eyes so blue lie reflections of me,
Lost in a gaze cast by you, within those eyes so blue.

My Poor Wallet

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By Tim S Poma

My poor wallet is saturated with smoke,
As in my dreams of great wealth I choke.
For there is no hope to play monopoly,
In less I let you all get on top of me.
Which just so happens to be the case,
I let you use my back to fill your briefcase.
As if my future wasn’t already laced,
And tied to the future of your disgrace,
Tied to your tired and tasteless paper chase.
So I beg you to get up from on top of me,
For you have taken everything but my dignity.
As I humbly wallow in the slaving fields,
You are behind closed doors making big deals.
While all the rest of stretch to make a meal,
Unlike you your heart it’s never been filled.
Constantly using me to help you feel,
Like an accomplished man behind the wheel.
But I hate to tell you this my friend,
Your visions of grandeur have come to an end.
As the last penny drops from out our pocket,
We all unite and take off like a rocket.
For their is much anguish in words you have said,
So let’s pick up our fist and this love instead.
As For my poor wallet I put out the fire,
As I redirect my love and find a new desire.