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I swiftly feel my heart start beat and bleed once again
As I wake from this emotionless slumber I have been in
In the wake of destruction I left behind a trail of tears
As I walked over hearts and crushed images I held so dear
Not intending to ever let you go but never wanting to hold on
I fumbled the key before I got to the door and you were gone
So I staggered back down the hallway drunk, to make amends
There you were I held you tightly and close to me like a body pillow
As you fit in my arms like all the leaves on a weeping willow
Now I’m the one leaving the trail of tears on my tear soaked pillow
For all the reason that remain unknown you began to billow
As I lie overexposed my nudity to nude to dress me with cloths
I still want this dream wrapped tightly in my arms once again
So that I can pretend at least for a while that we are still friends
But I see that your emotions have evaded the premises
Remaining now only cold that blows threw the open pain
The door is locked and the steel key quickly rust and turn to ash
Now there is no possibility or key to get you back
So I tie myself up in this tattered piece of paper hopping
To throw caution to the wind so that I can atone
For the man I have not been while harboring this heart of stone
In the morning you said the news was sad that day
And there was nothing good about it either way
So I kissed you good bye and left and walked away
Leaving me with the key to all my pain
But no word or reasons that you walked away


Rolling Stones

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By Jeff Walker and Tim S Poma

A rolling stone can call anywhere his home
Because he loves to roll and he loves to roam
For he knows life is a rhyme composed of a poem
And the rhythm he loves because he can feel the tone
He truly knows, we are never ever not alone
When he rolls with the gravel underneath his shell of stone
For in human nature, we this rock are all prone
To miss behave and think that we are alone
But when rocks they roll we feel the passion
As He sit and watches while society crashes
He swerves to dodges all the media masses
But he rolls away because he brought a book of matches

This Train

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photo By Tim Scott Poma Photography

Photo and Poem By Tim Scott Poma

They say I’m looking dapper
But I really feel depressed
Is there possibly anything
That will take this weight from my chest
They say honesty will always set you free
And that is why I constantly
Discus and debate all the things I hate
For in reality I am only what I make
That is why I say so solemnly
What have I done?
I worked so hard for other
And let my self become
Just another sheep walking around
With my ears and eyes only staring at the ground
But I say its time to turn it all around
Make a run for the hills and join back up with the crowd
Where were all together and we all scream real loud
Where were all together our love is more safe and sound
Then it could ever be when we were apart
Then it ever was when we saved it in our hearts
For this dapper feeling that’s got me feeling depressed
is nothing more then lack of love and a little bit of stress
So to this I detest any other random words
For the only thing I want to hear makes me feel absurd
And slightly mistaken for a little bit perturbed
Just say that you love me and there will be no more pain
Just say that you love me and we can still make the train
But when you don’t speak its my emotions that you drain
And that’s when I realize I don’t want to go it alone on this train


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By Tim S Poma

No matter how hard I ever try
It feels like I’m always going to die
Because the love I give holds no clout
In stead it is showered in shadows of doubt
And the people doubting my motivations
Only complicates these complications
Which arouses my loves hesitation
While surprising my hearts realization
For I have jeopardized my relations
with all my false mind education
And my means of mental elevation
For my own mental masturbation
I find myself in need of inspiration
From this timed and tired situation
That makes me feel that I need to make hast
Before I wake up one morning in this waste
Of a life in which I have stood against and for
Which leaves me buried on the ocean floors
For in the stars of the divination it is true
That’s why we all must feel so blue
And we pay to cover beauty with new tattoos
Because we are board and know not what to do
Because were surrounded by the who
Who jeopardize our life’s potential too
And those people are me and you.