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I swiftly feel my heart start beat and bleed once again
As I wake from this emotionless slumber I have been in
In the wake of destruction I left behind a trail of tears
As I walked over hearts and crushed images I held so dear
Not intending to ever let you go but never wanting to hold on
I fumbled the key before I got to the door and you were gone
So I staggered back down the hallway drunk, to make amends
There you were I held you tightly and close to me like a body pillow
As you fit in my arms like all the leaves on a weeping willow
Now I’m the one leaving the trail of tears on my tear soaked pillow
For all the reason that remain unknown you began to billow
As I lie overexposed my nudity to nude to dress me with cloths
I still want this dream wrapped tightly in my arms once again
So that I can pretend at least for a while that we are still friends
But I see that your emotions have evaded the premises
Remaining now only cold that blows threw the open pain
The door is locked and the steel key quickly rust and turn to ash
Now there is no possibility or key to get you back
So I tie myself up in this tattered piece of paper hopping
To throw caution to the wind so that I can atone
For the man I have not been while harboring this heart of stone
In the morning you said the news was sad that day
And there was nothing good about it either way
So I kissed you good bye and left and walked away
Leaving me with the key to all my pain
But no word or reasons that you walked away


All Right

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Tim S Poma and Jeff Walker

Its all going to be all right
No need for us to arm a fight
For we can burn them down with the love of life
When we get up in the morning and love this life

We won’t let them ever stand up in our way
We have to constantly out think there every play
They want us to fight that’s what they all say
But id rather wraps my arms around the light of day

For it’s Carpe diem when we dancing in the light
There is never darkness when your heart shines bright
So we link together and stand for what is right
For they are afraid of our loves contiguous bite

Because it is once bitten twice afraid
Of this potent touch that we will display
We finally drop this mask in this masquerade
And we march around with this love on parade

For every little thing going to be all right
That’s why the creator created love tonight
So we can all shine on and illuminate so bright
As we all ignite together in the consciousness of life

Missing Beauty

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Photo By Tim S Poma
Photo and Poem By Tim Scott Poma

Time it slowly tiptoes away
As the flowers in the garden stay at bay
Growing more beautiful each and every sun shinny day
As the colors in the fields erupt in such a beautiful array

With each passing moment the flowers they stand
They reach to the sky with their beautiful petal-like hands
Not begging anything, only hoping to catch a passing glance
She goes on walking by not noticing the flower amongst the plants

Swiftly she walks pass all the flowers tucked amongst the grass
She is not distracted by the flower or beauty as she walks on pass
So she continually marches on with time tiptoeing away
Not listening to anything that the beautiful flowers have to say

Distracted by the manifestation of material today
She walks with her head in a clouded stunned by an array of gray
As she tramples over and around all the beauty along the way
The flowers only hope she will notice before it is there final day

Topic: Would you rather be super-intelligent or….

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Beauty or the Brain

By Tim S Poma and Jeff Walker

Would I rather be beauty or a beast with brains?
The beauty to solve any problems or my looks to tie my thoughts in chains?
As beauty I could see only my vanity
I would get lost in my mirror,
Till I could no longer see clear.
My eyes would only lead to deceive me,
Because they would only see things so vain.
Which would create a massive strain on my tiny little brain.
Insufficient Cranial Funds is what it would read,
Barley enough brains to wake up and breath.
But oh how pretty I would be.
Leading me to believe that my looks were all that I need.
But I’m smatter than that.

If I was super inelegant,
I would be able to concentrate to see
the real universal picture that we think we believe.
I would master the quantum mechanics of the galaxy.
To enlighten my neighbor and the rest of society.
And oh what a beautiful place that would be,
To see individuals thinking free,
and push for a well educated citizenry.
As I concentrate more and more,
I could calculate the physics of the matter that’s for sure
I would ponder and wonder how energy could be set free
Till I figured out how to create clean abundant energy.
I would devise a plan to uplift every woman, child and man
Till the unity grew out of every body’s hand.
And I wouldn’t stop there
I would keep teaching till everybody cared,
That we are all part of this elaborate plan,
And I would break down religious barriers and walls,
Till we could all see that we were one in all.

So to conclude
I would take my intelligence any day of the week
To help out the starving, hungry and meek
My beauty will just have to leave!
As I unleash my intelligence and set the people free!