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Tim S Poma
Inspiration can come from a friend
From softly spoken words
Or even ink from a pen
It can be sprayed on a canvas
And dotted with brush strokes
It can come from a strum
Or musician’s hitting high notes
Disguised as kind gesture or thought
Or even in an object that you have bought
But the inspiration lying here with in
It comes from the heart that’s where it all begins


The Phoenix

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By Tim S Poma

This is the Chapel for the Lost Children,
A blessed sanctuary in the land of barren.
Walls drenched with inspiration like sweat,
Pooling on the dance floor for those upset.
Seeping in to the soul of the downtrodden,
This melody the key for letting truth and light in.
Children on dance floor surge with anticipation,
As their hearts ignite free from manipulation.

Inspiration begins to bounce and echo down the halls,
As the drum and bass bump and resonates threw walls.
Suddenly the choir starts to dance, shout and sing,
As the guitar enters with swiftness like angel’s wings.
We’re all awake now the lessons can begin,
open your hearts and minds and ears my friends.
The lights are glowing while turned down low,
Suddenly the lights erupt it’s time for the show.

White, yellow, green, red, blue then strobe,
Penetrating minds lyrics and music like a probe.
Redirecting youth to things society not mention,
So listen up boys and girls you better pay attention.
The Rhythms and melodies are like oxygen to the soul,
Fire is ignited, growing with each breath out of control.
Look at the tagging’s how they hang like art in a museum,
Got us feeling so high we’re on the rise out of this mausoleum.
Because this is the Chapel for the Lost Children,
A blessed sanctuary in the land of barren.

A place of Inspiration we call The Phoenix