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I swiftly feel my heart start beat and bleed once again
As I wake from this emotionless slumber I have been in
In the wake of destruction I left behind a trail of tears
As I walked over hearts and crushed images I held so dear
Not intending to ever let you go but never wanting to hold on
I fumbled the key before I got to the door and you were gone
So I staggered back down the hallway drunk, to make amends
There you were I held you tightly and close to me like a body pillow
As you fit in my arms like all the leaves on a weeping willow
Now I’m the one leaving the trail of tears on my tear soaked pillow
For all the reason that remain unknown you began to billow
As I lie overexposed my nudity to nude to dress me with cloths
I still want this dream wrapped tightly in my arms once again
So that I can pretend at least for a while that we are still friends
But I see that your emotions have evaded the premises
Remaining now only cold that blows threw the open pain
The door is locked and the steel key quickly rust and turn to ash
Now there is no possibility or key to get you back
So I tie myself up in this tattered piece of paper hopping
To throw caution to the wind so that I can atone
For the man I have not been while harboring this heart of stone
In the morning you said the news was sad that day
And there was nothing good about it either way
So I kissed you good bye and left and walked away
Leaving me with the key to all my pain
But no word or reasons that you walked away


My Poor Wallet

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By Tim S Poma

My poor wallet is saturated with smoke,
As in my dreams of great wealth I choke.
For there is no hope to play monopoly,
In less I let you all get on top of me.
Which just so happens to be the case,
I let you use my back to fill your briefcase.
As if my future wasn’t already laced,
And tied to the future of your disgrace,
Tied to your tired and tasteless paper chase.
So I beg you to get up from on top of me,
For you have taken everything but my dignity.
As I humbly wallow in the slaving fields,
You are behind closed doors making big deals.
While all the rest of stretch to make a meal,
Unlike you your heart it’s never been filled.
Constantly using me to help you feel,
Like an accomplished man behind the wheel.
But I hate to tell you this my friend,
Your visions of grandeur have come to an end.
As the last penny drops from out our pocket,
We all unite and take off like a rocket.
For their is much anguish in words you have said,
So let’s pick up our fist and this love instead.
As For my poor wallet I put out the fire,
As I redirect my love and find a new desire.

Why Is It So Hard To Forgive

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By Tim Scott Poma

Why is it so hard to forgive?
Is it because it’s even harder to live,
With all the hatred and anger we kept with in?
So conflicted with my corrupted thoughts.
Always remembering what I should have forgot.
As my resentment becomes my new plot,
I’m Stuck in the past a time that didn’t last.
For this reason my bitterness has surpassed,
All the actions that have now gone and passed,
And out lived any thoughts of forgiveness.
For lost in my hardness was my obtuseness,
Only to be compounded with my own unhappiness.
It was difference of opinion that leads us astray,
A difference of perception is why we walked away.
Still trying to get back before our actions of yesterday,
As I cling to this indignation and difference of opinion.
I have now become this slave, a hopeless minion,
And see that lack of forgiveness is now my addiction.
Jagged and piercing my eyes became with this glare,
As I held my intangible hostility in my lifeless stare,
For reasons that make my faded vision unclear.
As I wallow in self pity and blame everyone and thing else
I see that this lack of forgiveness has become my wealth
And the reason I can’t forgive is I can’t forgive my self.

Slang the Dang Thing

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Let me start off by saying I know fo sho that there is literally hundreds of regional slang words, but there only a couple I find myself using on a daily. I was born and raised in Ukiah, California there for I find myself speaking with a Northern Cali tongue. Growing up I learned most of my slang from my peers, watching MTV and listening to rap music. However as I have grown up so has my vocabulary. Although I do not partake in much of the slang of my youth I still find some slang has stuck with me. Slang such as: word, hella, stoked and bro. of course this lingo mainly comes out when I’m in the company of friends, and is restricted greatly while in the work place.

My favorite of all these slang words would have to be “word.” If I was to define “word” the definition would be as follows: to agree with, to understand, to accept and it also can be used in a greeting. For example about a week ago my bro Chad called me and said “hey were going to go San Francisco to play a show this Friday you want to come?” I then respond with “Word bro, I’d be Hella stoked to go.” It’s funny to me because it made absolute sense and it did to Chad as well. As a matter of fact I he responded with “stoked your rolling with us bro.” Until this project I never realized how much slang has defined my language, my culture and my generation.

Although there are some words I deem acceptable there are others that make me say OMG, and then I LOL because some one told me they would BRB. I don’t know if acronyms can be classified as slang or if texting is a new language all on its own, but I do know that I cant stand to hear people recite it. There is truly nothing worse then sitting out at diner and hearing someone say “OMG really!” It makes me wonder are we getting smarter or more stupider..(LOL) Well you get the point. Regardless no matter how you look at it slang is here to stay. It may change or evolve generation to generation based on the influences and icons of the time, but the fact still remains the same slang is a part of our language and will always be. Lets just hope that text slang doesn’t become a predominate part of the English language and I will be hella stoked.

Give, Give, Give.

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Give, Give, Give.

By Tim S Poma

Optimistic and positive,
Is the way I choose to live.
By overcoming every man made obstacle,
We can see what it is that is truly possible.
We have all been blessed to wear this flesh,
But for granted we make it when we don’t think limitless.
In being a human we all have so much to bring,
When we don’t title ourselves and do good for the good of all beings.
There is so much love in the world in which we live.
When we separate our minds from our wallet and give, give, give.
We also liberate our hearts and create experiences that are positive
So open up your mind and your wallet and lets create a new reason to live
For the way I choose to live is optimistic and positive
Because I got a lot, a lot, a lot of love to give, give, give.

Deep breath

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Deep breath

By Tim S Poma And Jeff Walker

I take a deep breath,
Like it my last one left.
Looking for some connectivity,
Searching for a little continuity.
I exhale and begin to breathe,
Looking for things that remain unseen.
My mind it still plays tricks on me,
I can’t believe what my eyes have seen,
Is this really reality or just a dream?
Light leaves my heart warm and bright,
As my mind fills my lungs with stage fright.
So I can not move or change gears,
Based on all these artificial fears.
As the tears fall from outer space,
I can’t remember the look on your face.
Lost and displaced in this distant place,
Still Hoping for the trump of the ace.
I exhale and take a deep breath once more,
Reminded of time I spent on those calming shores.
Still Looking for waves to break these castle walls,
Hoping for a mutiny so these curtains will fall.
Looking for the breath to give me some courage,
As the news men constantly will discourage,
Any insurgency that is needed so urgently,
For us to be able to take a deep breathe and breath so freely

All we will ever need

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made by Tim S Poma

All we will ever need

By Tim Scott Poma

Don’t let the fear become our demise.
See there is beauty right in front of your eyes.
We need to see that we are not separate, indeed.
Furthermore we already have every thing we need.
In our veins there is blood like love that bleeds,
And in our eyes are the tears that fall when we cry.
As we succumbed to our fears we never really realize,
So afraid of dyeing that we bow our heads in shame,
So fearful that the cards have been stacked in a different name.
In the name of all fear that we hold in our hearts,
In the name of the evil that always plays its part,
But don’t be ashamed for the fear that fills you up.
Find something good and honest to live for and lets all erupt.
For my cup runtih over and I have not a thing,
But the love for and from my friends, family and angels that sing.
For they are the direction and reason for this new love connection,
Hear it in your heart and let this love start.
Delete the viruses that consumes us in fear and greed,
And see that the love we have is all we will ever need.