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Pigs Fly

Posted in Poetry in Motion with tags on February 8, 2015 by heartcomplex

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By Tim S. Poma

You said when pigs fly, now swine flu.

Like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest,

And all we could see were shells which had shattered.

Broken dream, fears of old and stagnant screams.

Now deserving Pigs fly and the pearls our mine!

So were taking back control with our minds!

The universe is mental and so am eye.

Fascinating, how the sound of ideas vibrate down city halls

And how imagination steps out of stalls.

Vibration the causation, the sensation,

You got me facing these corners,

But I can now see through walls.

And soon One and ALL.

Got me feeling like a genie about 3 million feet tall,

And were not coming down for loves not meant to fall.