Topic: Would you rather be super-intelligent or….



Beauty or the Brain

By Tim S Poma and Jeff Walker

Would I rather be beauty or a beast with brains?
The beauty to solve any problems or my looks to tie my thoughts in chains?
As beauty I could see only my vanity
I would get lost in my mirror,
Till I could no longer see clear.
My eyes would only lead to deceive me,
Because they would only see things so vain.
Which would create a massive strain on my tiny little brain.
Insufficient Cranial Funds is what it would read,
Barley enough brains to wake up and breath.
But oh how pretty I would be.
Leading me to believe that my looks were all that I need.
But I’m smatter than that.

If I was super inelegant,
I would be able to concentrate to see
the real universal picture that we think we believe.
I would master the quantum mechanics of the galaxy.
To enlighten my neighbor and the rest of society.
And oh what a beautiful place that would be,
To see individuals thinking free,
and push for a well educated citizenry.
As I concentrate more and more,
I could calculate the physics of the matter that’s for sure
I would ponder and wonder how energy could be set free
Till I figured out how to create clean abundant energy.
I would devise a plan to uplift every woman, child and man
Till the unity grew out of every body’s hand.
And I wouldn’t stop there
I would keep teaching till everybody cared,
That we are all part of this elaborate plan,
And I would break down religious barriers and walls,
Till we could all see that we were one in all.

So to conclude
I would take my intelligence any day of the week
To help out the starving, hungry and meek
My beauty will just have to leave!
As I unleash my intelligence and set the people free!


3 Responses to “Topic: Would you rather be super-intelligent or….”

  1. Wonderful! 🙂

  2. postadaychallenge2011 Says:

    I would take intelligence over beauty any day of the week! Great blog.

  3. A top post, for me intelligence over beauty.

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