What’s in A Breath

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By Tim S. Poma

I count to ten and take it all in, one long deep breath before our journey begins.
As the breath grows increasingly deep, I pray to love my soul to keep.
I lay back down my head gets lite, as the love envelops me and wraps me up so tight.
My breath of light turns to gold, now swirling in the colors trying to find a definition to hold.
Vibrating and pulsating to frequency’s frequently not frequented.
The color spectrum reflecting like diamonds in rainbows sparkling, swirling and shining
Waving and winding this focused energy unfolds in my eyes, with all the truths to be told.
Behold my breath says, to breath deep, be calm, pay attention as you will find release.
Like a plug in a tub that has just been pulled, here I lay again swiftly speeding through the rabbit hole.
Deep inside the light, the vibration calls me quietly, telling me to hold on to your energy.
But be gracious, and give graciously for this love grows and is contagious exponentially.
More will always come to fill its place, for there is not ever any empty or void space.
More, more, mother may I, I scream! Stuck in a whirlwind in someone else’s dream.
But wait it is mine and it is you and it is ours and only together we make through this part.
Struggle is released as I continue to breathe, light and love all that surrounds me have now become me.
Remembering understanding of voices who sang to us a song, but somehow the lyrics were all to wrong.
What was sang we let define us, we let divide us, and determine our divisiveness
Signing directions where to find their God, our spiritual salvation, but in this breath all I found was odd.
Then I see the energy is in our hands, It’s in my hands and in our hearts,
Take another breath she whispers and know that it is now and this love can start.
Not feeling like myself, feeling like everything, everything, everything else.
Feeling blessed and fortuitous, seeing my future now is not so curious for it has not yet been born
Due to the fact I transmute the energy and light to show me what I want to see, a love yes that is we.
Reluctant I breathe out my last breath reluctant I come back to the land of concert and cement.
But something still remains the way I breathed it in and the imprint of my freshly birthed brain.
No more strain, no more pain, the struggle has been laid to rest,
and all because I found my courage to take one single breath.



Pigs Fly

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By Tim S. Poma

You said when pigs fly, now swine flu.

Like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest,

And all we could see were shells which had shattered.

Broken dream, fears of old and stagnant screams.

Now deserving Pigs fly and the pearls our mine!

So were taking back control with our minds!

The universe is mental and so am eye.

Fascinating, how the sound of ideas vibrate down city halls

And how imagination steps out of stalls.

Vibration the causation, the sensation,

You got me facing these corners,

But I can now see through walls.

And soon One and ALL.

Got me feeling like a genie about 3 million feet tall,

And were not coming down for loves not meant to fall.

Standing Up in Broken Glass

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broken glassBy Tim Scott Poma

Terrible Jaded, too afraid to open back up
So still stepping back on fragments so ruff
Just like walking on broken glass all day
You’re tiptoeing in circles in hopes you may
Jam this square peg into a round hole
Trapped again trying to regain control
Familiarity lingers in the eyes of familiar faces
Same patterns same circles just keep tracing
Pain and heart ache now all that’s left in store
Still lying wounded wasted on this broken glass floor

Step out of the circle and turn around and run
Head for the door and see you’ve got the gun
But old habits die hard the pretty rabbit said
As her feet continually bleed she’s lost her head
Tied to emotions that are way better off dead
Tied to a wasteland where her love was bled
As she tried hard and still has to watched it bleed
So much emotion flows out she struggles to get free
But that emancipation lies right outside that door
Just stand up and say I deserve love and a lot more

For when you let the deck control the cards
It’s hard to fight against emotions that are at odds
You can always let your yesterday make you force a fit
But this story’s not Cinderella’s nor is it fit for a princes
Standing up in broken glass is not never ever easy
It takes courage and strength and time believe me
But muster the strength and you will set the soul free
And as you walk away your feet will cease to bleed
For time and love will heal your broken feet and heart
But you have to stand up and leave before it can start

What’s in a Word

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By Tim Scott Poma
They say Words can heal a nation,
Or destroy worlds without sensation.
As we baked them all in hate and segregation.
Allowed for destruction and alteration,
We accepted facts and got a lower education.
Lost in ideals of economic inflation,
Became Mr. Jones reason for separation.
So we let our aspirations,
Become victims of degradation.
As we let our words run dry no more exclamation.
Yet our hearts still beat without loves hydration,
For no Heart can ever grow without complication,
We must first know stress, struggle and then palpitation.
As words still fall out my mouth out of desperation,
Only to declare there is no more need for hate or hesitation!
When did we let the fear become our foundation?
As depredation of love came without hesitation.
I still say our words can heal a world, a people, a nation
As new loving hearts, bring light to truths for solidification.
We find structure in Devine love and our hearts formation,
Our Hearts and minds still tied in tapes red frustration
But the scissors like words will become cause for ignition
As our affection turns to rhythm and becomes amplification
As our words become the love that heals one world, one people, one nation.

All About

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Love all there was before and all there is now.

Love all there was before and all there is now.

Moons out of swing trying to over step the sun
Got me Lost in a society that thinks pain is fun
Just Like the emotional erection granted by pills
So you can love again don’t forget to pay the bills
We are nothing more than ants building a hill
Looking for love to break a sweat trying to sell it in a pill
So stress to be beat by work of the innocence of the deal
Stuck out of luck and felling like none is left
So I set my sighs low and I settle for less
When in reality we are the last hope left
We are the one that holds this flame this fire
The innocence of love and the beginning of new desire
But I always let them put it out news, fractions of a doubt
But no more will I hear there scream as our heart begins to once
Again beat and shout so love with me hear me out
For I believe in my Heart that this is what life is all about.


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If together we can create this symbol Then i know we can create this one ❤

People can be so selfish without ever knowing it
People can love so fool heatedly the one they love will never know it
We are the People, sea’s full of faces, full of follies and full of love
People who toil in joy and pain, the same people who can make life change
It's going to take people to show these people how to love
And how life can be revitalized, recreated and reinvigorated
And it will take these same people to delete there selfish ways
So that people together can come and strive for a better days
So here’s to the people with big hearts
May you hear my words to help let this love start
So we can show these people that these people
Are the only thing we need to Ignite this spark
Power to the peaceful and even more power to the people. TSP


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Tim S Poma
Inspiration can come from a friend
From softly spoken words
Or even ink from a pen
It can be sprayed on a canvas
And dotted with brush strokes
It can come from a strum
Or musician’s hitting high notes
Disguised as kind gesture or thought
Or even in an object that you have bought
But the inspiration lying here with in
It comes from the heart that’s where it all begins